About Me

Dr. Ahmad Javaid

Welcome and Thank you for visiting my website.

It is a true and great honor for me to be involved in providing the information and education to my patients and other medical professionals. I would like to start by thanking all my professors and teachers who have shaped my professional skills, clinical experience and expertise in the exciting and challenging field of Manual Medicine in understanding and treating disorders of structure and function. I would like to extend sincere respect and thanks to the great people who have dedicated their life to myofascial pain medicine Drs. Janet G. Travell, David G. Simons. I am grateful to my parents, to whom i owe everything i am today. I would like to thank thousands and thousands of patients who participated actively in treatment processes. I studied physical therapy (physical Medicine) at Oxford college Bangalore. I had a good fortune to follow a path of Drs. Janet G. Travell, David G. Simons , James Cyriax, Leon Chaitow, Craig Liebenson, Robin McKenzie, Bryan Mulligan, David Butler. and many many more their enormous dedication to the field of myofascial pain, musculoskeletal disorders, Manual medicine has opened a path to our success in treating neuro musculoskeletal disorders and treating spine and joint related disorders. The Greatest challenge for us are not the patients with simple pain which even goes away with out taking any treatment. the big challenges are the complex or multiple tissue disorders and prevention of these disorders among high risk group of people. other challenge is the prevention of injuries by providing the patient education , other challenge is to treat the chronic pain. keeping these challenges in mind i dedicated myself in treating these most challenging cases of spinal pain, untreated chronic pain cases, misdiagnosed complex conditions, like myofascial pain, fibromyalgia, repetitive strain injuries, various other painful conditions of joint dysfunction. Accepting the fact that there is strong evidence of ergonomic factors that contributes so much to the injury process at workplace and even at home environments like neck pain, back pain, and other wide range of conditions. There is so much and for more involved in treating these complex pain patients. To achieve this i did my certification in ergonomics (Sweden) to integrate ergonomics in the management of these complex pain patients and for injury prevention. I was further more interested in getting exclusive training in advanced myofascial pain medicine treatment procedures. i did my advanced training in Manipulative therapy .further i felt the importance of nutrition prescription in the management of musculoskeletal disorders. I did PG. Clinical Nutrition. I believe in integrated approach of treating patients, yes i believe in chiropractic and osteopathic approaches i believe in exercise medicine too. these are some of the few treatment techniques that i integrate with my other treatment methods. like orthopaedic medicine approach. So many patients are misdiagnosed, overpriscription of painkillers, and bed rest and even given improper treatment and unnecessary surgical treatments, all of these provide the basis of poor treatment outcome and cronicity of the condition and well known conditions like failed back surgery syndromes. we believe work related musculoskeletal disorders are 100% prevented by implimenting ergonomics at work place. Treatment of spinal disorders has evolved with rehabilitation medicine to avoid spinal surgery or to prevent spinal pain. proper assessments, investigations to screen patients for various spinal disorders and to perform spinal checkups at very young age to prevent certain conditions from progressing and to treat these patients as early as possible. I underwent teaching and training process at various medical institutes and hospitals. On Going Research: Obesity and its Musculoskeletal Manifestations. Exercise Prescription For Weight Loss. Spinal health And Exercise. Musculoskeletal Disorders Manual Medicine And Neurological Disorders. RSI. Presently at Apollo Clinic Srinagar. My particular interests are:

  • Rehabilitation and Pre habilitation of spinal Disorders .  
  • Rehabilitation of Repetitive strain injuries  
  • Complex back, neck and joint pain Disorders
  •  Slip Disc Disorders
  •  Sports Injuries
  •  Clinical Ergonomics
  • Health and safety at workplace.
  • Preventive health , teaching and training for injury prevention
  • Neuromuscular
  •  Neuro vascular
  •  Neuro myofascial and
  •  Neuro musculoskeletal disorders.
  •  Health and fitness
  •  Clinical Nutrition

Over the years, I have dedicated my professional live to the field of manual medicine, research and education to develop comprehensive therapeutic approach.