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For International Patients

For International Patients

by drspinecareJanuary 3, 2015

Here are some important things that will help you to make your stay pleasant.

Our Patient service coordinator will always help you through out your stay.

Here is what to expect before, during and after your visit.

Before Your Visit

After you decide to come for Treatment. Dr. Ahmad will Decide how long you will receive treatment. Please refer here for further details .

  • We Will assist you for appointment scheduling and other needs.
  • Assist with hotel or housing in srinagar, India
  • Assist with ground transportation from the airport
  • Assist with car rental for your stay
  • Estimate cost of Treatment

During Your Visit

Upon arrival you will need to contact our patient service co-ordinator During your visit, you will be treated with respect, understanding and empathy by our medical staff and clinical teams.

While you are at Apollo Clinic Srinagar,

  • First visit with Dr. Ahmad for your diagnosis and treatment plan
  • For us your health is first and to make you healthy we will help you in all ways.

Please Help us to know you better in helping you with your expectations with us and from the treatment in getting better. please write to us or contact Dr. Ahmad Javaid Directly.

After your final appointment,

If you need to schedule follow-up visits for a later date, we will be happy to start that process. If you need assistance coordinating transportation to the airport, we can help you. You will return home, having received high quality healthcare from one of the country’s top hospitals, its specialists and its clinical teams. We realize you have a choice, and we thank you and its honour to help you get better.

After your visit, we can:

  • Help obtain copies of medical reports/films after Treatment are completed
  • Assist with prescription requests.

Please Contact Dr. Ahmad Directly if You Require Any Treatment Related Information. Thank You

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