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Submit Your Questions Related Your Health & Welllness

Submit Your Questions Related Your Health & Welllness

by drspinecareJanuary 3, 2015
Have a question about Spine Related Disorders, Joint Related Disorders, Chronic Pain, Myofascial Pain, Fibromyalgia, (RSI) Repetitive strain Injury or any question About Pain ? You’ve come to the right place. Ask me is a service to answer Musculoskeletal health related questions from the public, both about the understanding the injury process and about the treatment process and prevention. Begin by searching our database for previous questions and answers. If you can’t find the information there, click Submit a Question and have your question personally answered by Dr. Ahmad Javaid. Note that because of the backlog, it typically takes 1 day to one week before your answer is posted. but you will receive answer in your email box soon after i answer it. Generally Every Fridays. If You Need immediate attention please just Call Me. Also note that we don’t do school homework, and we try to select questions for reply that are focused on the relevent topic. Thank you.
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