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Slip Disc: Do You Really Need Spine Surgery?

Slip Disc: Do You Really Need Spine Surgery?

by drspinecareNovember 9, 2016

The Simple Answer Is really No
when there is neurological Complications Of a disc Disorder like compression on spinal cord.
At Cervical and Thoracic Level and Cauda equina syndrome At Lumbar spine.
signs and symptoms for these conditions can easily be tested and detected early. y\for this you need a surgical consultation.

if your MRI shows Spinal chord is normal , conus and cauda is normal then there is no emergency. you really don’t Need spine surgery. Then we have enough time to recover and allow healing to happen even for next three months.
for any other signs like root compressions numbness tingling. these case if left untreated with out spinal rehabilitation surely will increase suffering.
Many times People blame structural changes for the pain cause. like prolapsed disc. Most of the times the pain is originating from muscle dysfunction around the spinal segments. and that need to addressed.
yes spinal rehabilitation needs expert approach. failure to do so results patients to come under the surgical Knife.
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